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SMS and Text Messaging Software Background

Integration with MultiTech Mobile Modems

Integrating MultiTech Cellular Modems with PageGate

Send Text and SMS Messages using MultiTech Cellular Modems

Follow these steps to use MultiTech Cellular Modems with PageGate
PageGate has built in support for cellular modems, allowing it to use them to send and receive SMS messages with the same method that a cell phone uses rather than relying on an internet connection.

To configure PageGate to use any of Multitech's serial or USB based cellular modems, such as the MTC-H5 or the MTBCA-G2, here's what you'll want to do:

Note: After installing the device in Windows, it will be assigned a COM port. Make a note of that COM port.

1) Open the PageGate Admin.

2) Go to Connectors - Connector X - Settings.
Note: Any connector can be configured to use a cellular modem. PageGate comes with 1 connector by default, so you'll likely configure Connector 1 to use the cellular modem but if you run multiple connectors, you can tie the cellular modem to any of them.

3) Set the "Serial Port" field to match the COM port of the modem.

4) Click on Apply.

5) Right click on Carriers, left click on Add.

6) Specify the following:
Name: SMS (This is arbitrary and can be set to whatever you like)
Protocol: GSM-AT
Baud Rate: 115200
Parity: None
Data Bits: 8
Stop Bits: 1
Init String: AT+CSQ (You'll need to type this in the field)

7) Click on Apply.

All that remains is to add a recipient to use the carrier and you can start using the cellular modem to deliver SMS messages.

Since a cellular modem delivers SMS in the same manner as a cell phone, if the recipient of your SMS replies to your message, that reply will come back to the cellular modem. Here's how to configure PageGate to periodically check the cellular modem for replies and send them to a predetermined recipient or group:

1) Open the PageGate Admin.

2) Go to Connectors - Connector X - 2-Way
Note: Go in to the settings of the connector you have the cellular modem tied to.

3) Check "Enable GSM-AT Replies"

4) Select a recipient or group from the drop down list.

5) Click on Apply.

From that point forward, any replies that come to the cellular modem will be delivered to the recipient or group specified.


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