SMS and Text Messaging Integration

Add Text Messaging To Existing Applications

NotePage frequently receive requests from companies looking to expand their software or hardware's functionality.
PageGate can easily be integrated to existing applications typically without any coding changes on either side.  

Integration Options

General information to help integrate a new software or hardware solution with PageGate.

Steps to Integrate Specific Programs

Detailed technical steps to integrate with the following applications.

NotePage has worked with the following software applications to develop tutorials. 

Alerts from Network Monitoring

When a failure is detected in a business' or company's network
infrastructure,  send
text message notification(s) and alerts.

Direct Database Integration

Steps to write directly to the PageGate Database.

Steps to Integrate with Delivery Services

Detailed technical steps to integrate with delivery services.

Benefits to Adding SMS to Existing Applications

no-coding necessary

 increase functionality of existing applications

co-promotion opportunities 

valuable leads and referrals in your area of expertise 

promotion on a network of websites 

promotion on social media via NotePage's channels 

 bundling opportunities

 publicity and press exposure

exposure on ancillary site sponsored by NotePage

product sneak peaks

beta testing opportunities

premium technical support

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