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SMS and Text Messaging Software Background

Integration with MessageBird

Steps to Use MessageBird with PageGate

Send Text and SMS Messages from MessageBird

PageGate can be easily configured to pass messages through MessageBird's service by using MessageBird's REST API to pass HTTP POST requests. Here's what you'll want to do:

1) Run PageGate Admin.

2) Right click Carriers, select 'Add'.

3) Set the following:
Name: MessageBird
Protocol: HTTPPOST
Port: 443
MaxChars: 160

4) Click Apply

5) Go to Carriers - MessageBird - Template

6) Specify the following in the 'Settings' section:
HttpSuccessResponse = "status":"sent"

7) Specify the following in the 'Text' section:

|Authorization|AccessKey YourAccessKeyGoesHere|


8) Click Apply

Now that we've told PageGate how to communicate with MessageBird, you'll need to add recipients you want to message. Here's how:

1) In PG Admin, right click Recipients and select 'Add'.

2) Give the recipient a name.

3) Set the Carrier to: MessageBird

4) Enter the phone number in international format (example: 17818290500) in the ID/PIN field.

5) Click Apply.

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