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The Settings section of the template configures protocol negotiation settings and specifies certain content delivery rules. This section is referenced heavily when configuring PageGate to deliver SMTP/Email but also provides the ability to configure specific delivery settings for every protocol.


For instance, not every cellular modem, router and gateway use the same command set even though they use the same base method of communication. As an example, Airlink and Multitech both produce lines of cellular devices that can be accessed via COM Port or TCP but implements a different AT command set to do so. PageGate can automatically negotiate most connections with most devices and does automatically retain which command is best to use but you can decrease the overall amount of time it takes to deliver a message by specifying the necessary value in the Settings template.


This is why it's important to pay respect to the order of operations for the templates:







So, a Settings variable specified on a Carrier level will override any Global value. To use our earlier example, let's say you have an environment in which you're using multiple cellular modems; some of them Airlink, some of them Multitech. Since you have two devices that need to use the same protocol (GSM-AT-IP) but also need it implemented in different ways, you would specify a carrier level template value that configures the Airlink device for one AT command set and the Multitech device for the other. Alternatively, you could tie each cellular modem to a specific Connector, then specify a Connector level template instead.


Variables that can be specified in the Settings section of a template can be broken down in to a few categories: Protocol Delivery and Content Modification


Protocol Delivery

These variables modify the behavior of a protocol and specify certain declarations that must be made during the protocol negotiation sequence.

Variables for SMTP

Variables for GSM-AT-IP

Variables for GSM-AT

Variables for HTTPGET and HTTPPOST

Variables for SNPP

Variables for WCTP

Variables for TAP

Variables for RawSerial

Variables for RawTCP

List of All Variables


Content Modification

These variables modify the contents of the subject and message sections for messages this template applies to.

Click here for a list of content modification variables.