Method 1

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To use this method with email, simply address an email message to the PageGate Server's Local Domain with an ID/PIN number (within the range set in steps 6 and 7 below) as the part of the email address before the @ (i.e.


Before enabling this function, you must first have at least one Ad-Hoc recipient in the program:

1)Create an Ad-Hoc recipient.

2)Under the 'Enabled Services' section of the recipient, make sure GetMail is checked.

3)Select the carrier that messages should be sent to via the Ad-Hoc function.

Once the Recipient has been configured, check "Enable Ad-Hoc Mail".



1)Click Add.



2)Enter the Starting ID/PIN.

3)Enter the Ending ID/PIN.

4)Select an Ad-Hoc Recipient from the drop-down menu

5)Click Apply.