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The Interfaces section is where you'll configure your APIs to accept information from different sources. Each interface controls behavior for that API, so it's important to understand which API you want to implement. Click here for more information on how PageGate accepts messages.



The APIs that can be configured in the PageGate Admin are:


Also known as the Command Line/ASCII interface, this interface is capable of monitoring a directory or series of directories on the local hard drive or across the network for ascii file output and also also provides a command line interface for other applications to use. This module allows many 'off the shelf' and custom applications, such as SolarWinds' Network Performance Monitor, SolarWinds' Orion, Paessler's PRTG and several CAD programs, among many others, to tell PageGate when a message needs to be sent.



This interface allows you to receive SMTP/Email traffic and translate it in to outbound messages in a different format. For example, you could email a message to PageGate to deliver as a message to pagers, cell phones and/or other email addresses.



This interface allows PageGate to monitor a a serial/RS232 port, virtual or physical, for raw data text strings to be parsed in to outbound messages.



This interface gives PageGate the ability to monitor a serial port or modem to receive TAP transmitted pages, effectively allowing PageGate to function as a TAP receiver or a TAP terminal for any devices and systems that can transmit that protocol, such as a Motorola or Zetron paging terminal.



This interface provides a CGI executable that can be hosted on a web server and a series of pre-formatted templates to publish a website messaging interface. Web Developers can use this web server interface to send messages to PageGate from their webpages (HTML, ASP, JavaScript, Java, etc.).  This means that you can host messaging websites on your local intranet or, if GetWeb is interfaced with an outward facing web server, on the internet.


GUI Client

A Windows based program installed on workstations on the same network as the PageGate server. This program provides a graphical user interface to send and schedule messages.


Additional APIs

PageGate also supports additional APIs that are not controlled by the PageGate Admin. These include the SNPP Server, TAP IP Server, TAP to ASCII and Serial to ASCII modules.


Right clicking on Interfaces will provide a context menu with two options.

Start All

Selecting this option will start all configured and enabled Interfaces, if stopped.


Stop All

Selecting this option will stop the all configured and enabled Interfaces, if started.