GetWeb API

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The GetWeb API provides a CGI executable that can be hosted on a web server and a series of pre-formatted templates to publish a messaging website or series of nessaging websites. Web Developers can use this web server interface to send messages to PageGate from their webpages (HTML, ASP, JavaScript, etc.).  This means that you can host messaging websites on your local intranet or, if GetWeb is interfaced with an outward facing web server, on the internet.


GetWeb's CGI executable can be used with either a POST or GET method.


The POST method can be used by creating a form on your webpage and pointing to the webgate.exe program in the FORM ACTION statement.


The GET method is more popular with scripting languages such as JavaScript and Java.  It allows the GetWeb CGI to be called with a command similar to one that could be entered into a browser's URL field.


The GetWeb interface can be used to enable PageGate to be integrated with applications running on different platforms (Unix, Mac, etc.).  Please refer to the GetWeb section of this manual for more details.