GetMail API

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The GetMail API allows you to receive SMTP/Email traffic and translate it into outbound messages in a different format. For example, you could email a message to PageGate to deliver as a message to cell phones, other email addresses, pagers, web APIs, etc. Enabling GetMail allows you to have all traffic to a recipient or group forwarded to the specified email address as well as allowing PageGate to host a POP accessible mailbox on the PageGate server for that recipient or group.


PageGate has a fully functional mail server engine as a core part of the program but without the GetMail module, you only ever access the outbound functions of this mail server. The GetMail module unlocks the receiving portion of our mail server engine.


GetMail can receive email/SMTP messages in one of two ways:

Sub-domain hosting

POP Mailbox


The best method of email integration is to have PageGate host a sub-domain off of your existing domain. To do this, you'll want to talk to your mail server administrator and ask them to create this sub-domain for you, then redirect the MX record for that sub-domain to the internal IP address of the PageGate server. For example, let's say that you have an email domain of (and that your email addresses are You could have created and redirected to PageGate's IP. As soon as you do, every recipient and group in the program becomes a valid email address.


So, let's say that we have a recipient called sales and we have GetMail configured to use You could send an email to and that email would come in to PageGate, then get processed as an outbound message for the recipient named sales.


POP is a relatively antiquated method of receiving email, many modern mail servers don't support it. However, if your mail server does still support POP mailboxes, you can configure GetMail to periodically check those email addresses, then read in any email waiting in the mailbox and deliver that traffic to a recipient or group of your specification.


With the ubiquity of email, more and more modern applications are integrating the ability to send email.  If your application has the ability to send email, it can easily be integrated with PageGate by using PageGate's email interface.  It is worth noting that this interface can be used to integrate  applications running on different platforms (Unix, Mac, etc.).  For more information, please refer to the GetMail section of this manual for more details.