Creating an XMPP Carrier

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This protocol allows you to communicate with XMPP servers, which are predominantly used for chat messages. This is a one-way implementation of the protocol and PageGate does not currently listen for replies from the XMPP server.


1)Right click Carriers.



2)Select Add.

3)Select the XMPP protocol.



4)Enter a name in the Carrier field.

5)Enter the XMPP host you want to communicate with.



6)Click inside the Port field and enter the port on which the XMPP server requires a connection.



7)In the Max Chars field, enter the maximum number of characters you want to send in a single message. The maximum value for this field is 6000.

Note: The Carrier Max Chars field determines the number of characters that can be received in a single message. If the recipient Max Chars value is set higher than the carrier Max Chars value, PageGate will break up long messages based on the character limitation in the carrier. For example, if you have the carrier configured for 160 Max Chars and you set the recipient Max Chars value to 3000, then send a 400 character message to this recipient, PageGate will break up the 400 character count message in to two 160 character messages and one 80 character message. When the device receives the message, it will be prefixed with part 1/3, 2/3, 3/3 to indicate the multi-part nature of the message delivered.


8)Click Apply.

If this host requires authentication (a username and password), you can configure that in the Advanced sub-section of the carrier. Please see the Editing Carriers section of the manual.