Command Line Interface

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The Command Line Interface function of GetASCII can be used to send messages to PageGate from:

Command Line

Messages can be sent from a command prompt.

Windows Command Line

Messages can be sent from the Windows Run menu.

Third Party Applications

Messages can be sent from any application that can issue a command line command (shell command).

Custom Applications

This is a popular interface for developers who want an easy way to add messaging to their application.


The most basic components of the Command Line interface are the sendpage.exe and sendpage32.exe files. By default, these files are hosted in the Polling Directory specified in the base settings of the GetASCII module but you can copy these files to any location to have them function and output at that location.


The difference between the sendpage.exe and sendpage32.exe files is that the sendpage.exe is intended to be run from a DOS Command Line or by 16-bit applications and sendpage32.exe is a 32-bit program, which is what most Windows based applications will use.


To pass a message to sendpage.exe or sendpage32.exe, use this command structure:

sendpage.exe <recipient> <sender> <message>


<recipient> should be replaced with the intended recipient or group's name as it exists in the PageGate Admin. This value keys specifically off of the Recipient field for recipients and the Group field for groups. This is a required value.

<sender> should be replaced with who or what is sending the message. This is a required value.

<message> should be replaced with what you want the body of the message to say.


Ad-Hoc with the Command Line interface

It's also important to note that you can use Ad-Hoc recipients with the command line interface. When using the sendpage.exe or sendpage32.exe command line executables to pass messaging parameters to PageGate, this is how to call on an ad-hoc recipient:

<location of files>\sendpage32.exe <ad-hoc recipient name>;<value>;<value>;<etc> <sender> <message>


For example, if you have the sendpage32.exe hosted in c:\PageGateData\ASCII\ and your ad-hoc recipient's name is 'ah', then you sent the following command:

c:\PageGateData\ASCII\sendpage32.exe ah;7819999998;8290500234 CAD This is a test message


That would send a message to the phone numbers specified from the sender 'CAD' and the message would say 'This is a test message'.