Command Line Integration

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PageGate includes two executable files that can be run to pass messages into its message queue: sendpage.exe and sendpage32.exe.


Sendpage.exe is a 16-bit program, and sendpage32 is a 32-bit program. Depending on how the programs are to be called, you may need to use one or the other.


To use the executables, run them and provide the recipient, sender, and message information as parameters on the command line.



sendpage32 Joe Brian Testing 123


That example would send a message to Joe from Brian with the message Testing 123.


These executables can be hosted in any directory, whether it is local to the PageGate Server or a network directory. If you need to call the command line executables from another location, please reference that path before the file name. For example, you would use this as an example command to a network instance of the command line executable:


\\servername\directory\sendpage32.exe Joe Brian Testing 123


or you would use this command to a local instance of the command line executable:


c:\PageGateData\ASCII\sendpage32.exe Joe Brian Testing 123


Any time a command is issued to a command line executable, the CLE outputs a file in the same directory that the GetAscii module will read in for data parsing.


Detailed information about the use of the sendpage programs can be found in the GetAscii section (under Interfaces) of the documentation.