Email Interface/GetMail

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Email Interface/GetMail

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Email Interface/GetMail

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Email Server - PageGate's email interface is a full email server. Along with its ability to send and receive email for paging, the server can act as a regular SMTP/POP mail server for company email.


Forwarding - each recipient can have their messages forwarded to an additional email account.


Ad-Hoc recipients - messages can be sent by using PIN numbers (recipients don't need to be setup inside PageGate). Only available with 5000 user license or greater.


Multi-Page recipients - multiple recipients can be specified within a single email message.


Email Outcome - the success or failure of messages sent can be automatically returned to the sender via email.


Numeric Email Notification - numeric pagers can receive notification of the arrival of email messages.


Full Module Integration - integrates with all other PageGate modules for forwarding of messages received via any other Interface.


Filtering - PageGate can be setup to only send messages that are received from specific email addresses or domains. PageGate can also be setup to block messages that come from specific email addresses or domains.