Features & Capabilities

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Features & Capabilities

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Features & Capabilities

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Here is a summary of some of PageGate's capabilities


Inbound Message Support

Windows Client Application


Email (SMTP, POP3)

Commandline Executable (16-bit and 32-bit)

Text File (watched files/folders)

TAP (via modem or direct connect)

SNPP (multi-threaded SNPP server)

Touch-Tone (via voicemodem)

Serial (RS232 serial port monitoring)

Database (MS Access compatible)


Outbound Message Support

TAP (via modem or direct connect)

SNPP (via Internet)

WCTP (HTTP and HTTPS via Internet)

SMTP (email via Internet)

UCP (via modem or direct connect)

GSM-AT (via mobile phone or wireless modem)

Touch-Tone (via voicemodem)

Fax (via faxmodem)

FaxSrv (Faxing via Microsoft Fax Server)

Raw-Serial (via modem or direct connect)

Raw-TCP (over LAN, WAN, or Internet)

HTTPGET and HTTPOST for CGI executable

File (outputting messages as text files to a directory)


Connectivity (up to 16 simultaneous outbound delivery sessions)

Direct (hard-wired) serial RS232 connection

Analog Modem




Internet (via DSL, Cable, T1, Fiber, Satellite, etc.)

Wireless (mobile phone, cellular modem)



Intelligent queuing/grouping/sessions/thresholds on all connectors for outbound message delivery

Real-time system monitoring and logging

On-call groups

Message scheduling

Message holding

Recipient groups

Display groups

Multiple failover levels

Automatic/Intelligent message splitting


Centralized administration


Audit logs

Multiple server database synchronization

Message archiving

Delivery/Failure notifications

Message templates