Command Line/GetAscii

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Command Line/GetAscii

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Command Line/GetAscii

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DOS Commandline - messages can be sent from a DOS prompt.


Windows Commandline - messages can be sent from a Windows command line.


Polling - a directory can be polled for Ascii text files containing message information.


Advanced Polling - message recipients can be defined by text file names or locations. Multiple files/folders can be scanned for message information


Multiple file type support - Additions to files can be detected, changes in files can be detected, message information can be parsed out of most file formats.


Ad-Hoc recipients - messages can be sent by using PIN numbers (recipients don't need to be setup inside PageGate). Only available with 5000 user license or greater.


Multi-Page recipients - multiple recipients can be specified within a single message.

Message Tracking - messages sent via this interface can be tracked via status directories.


3rd party application support - messages can be sent from any application that can issue a command line command (shell command) or create an Ascii text file.


Custom Application Support - this is a popular interface for developers who want an easy way to add paging to their application.