Creating a FAXSrv Carrier

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Creating a FAXSrv Carrier

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Creating a FAXSrv Carrier

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NOTE: This protocol was only designed to work with a Microsoft Fax Server and, as such, this protocol should only ever reference a Microsoft Fax Server.

For more information on precisely how to configure a Microsoft Fax Server, please visit the Microsoft Technet Documentation here:


Also, after going through these steps, please go through either the Local Microsoft Fax Server configuration or the Network Microsoft Fax Server configuration, depending on whether you're having PageGate reference a local or network Microsoft Fax Server. If you do not configure the Microsoft Fax Server properly, this protocol will not work.




1)Open the PageGate Admin.


2)Right click on Carriers


3)Left click Add.


4)Name the Carrier what it needs to be (Primary, OfficeFax, BobFax, etc).


5)Set the Protocol to FAXSrv.


6)In the Server field, enter the UNC Path to your Microsoft Fax Server. If the Microsoft Fax Server is installed on the same system that the PageGate server is installed on, leave this field completely blank. Do not use the Local Loopback address (\\


7)Set the Max Chars to the maximum number of characters you wish to be sent in a single facsimile transmission.


8)Click on Apply to add the carrier to your Carriers list.