Creating a FAX Carrier

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Creating a FAX Carrier

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Creating a FAX Carrier

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NOTE: While not absolutely required, we would recommend creating a Faxing Template for any FAX Carriers you create.



1)Open the PageGate Admin.


2)Right click on Carriers


3)Left click Add.


4)Name the Carrier what it needs to be (Office, Home, BobFax, etc).


5)Set the Protocol to FAX.


6)Click on the drowndown arrow next to Init String and set it to: (auto)


7)Set the Fax Class field to match the Class of the receiving Fax machine. Most Fax machines can negotiate Fax Class 2 connections, which is the default. If you find that you're having trouble connecting to your Fax machine, please try one of the other listed Fax Classes.


8)Set the Max Chars to the maximum number of characters you wish to be sent in a single facsimile transmission.


9)Click on Apply to add the carrier to your Carriers list.