Pre-programmed Messages

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Up to one hundred frequently used messages can be pre-programmed for your convenience.  The first five of these can accessed with a single click on the main screen. These messages can be automatically inserted into the 'Message Text' area by clicking on the 'Prog1' - 'Prog5' buttons.  The rest of the pre-programmed message are accessed by clicking on the 'More' button.  The first five pre-programmed messages can be set by right-clicking on its button.  To bring up the 'Preset Messages' screen, which displays all the pre-programmed messages, click on the 'More' button, or choose 'Tools' -> 'Presets' from the menu.


Each pre-programmed message can also, optionally, be assigned a recipient or group.  This option will not only add the programmed message text to the main screen, but will also automatically select a recipient or group to send the message to.