Pending Messages

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The 'Pending Messages' log shows information about messages that are waiting to be sent by NotePager Pro.  This log displays whom the message was sent to, when it was sent to the paging server, the current message status, and the beginning of the actual message.  The 'Refresh' button will update the displayed information.  The 'Cancel' button will cancel the highlighted message.  The 'Edit' button will allow you to temporarily suspend the message, make changes to it, and then re-send it.  The 'Copy' button will copy the message information back into the main NotePager Pro screen (without affecting the currently pending message).  The 'Close' button will close the log screen.  The 'Pending Messages' log can be accessed by choosing 'Pending' form the 'View' menu, or by clicking on the 'Pend' label on NotePager Pro's main screen.