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NotePager Pro supports seven different protocols to deliver messages to wireless carriers.  You will need to contact your carrier to verify what protocols they support.  You can also find protocol support information for many carriers in the support section of our website (


FAX - This protocol allows NotePager Pro to send a fax.


FAXSRV - This protocol allows NotePager Pro to use a Microsoft Fax Server.


GSMAT - This protocol was initially defined as part of the GSM protocol.  It uses AT Commands to communicate with mobile phones and wireless modems that are directly connected to your computer (usually to the serial port).  This protocol can be used to send messages totally wirelessly: from your wireless device (phone or modem), directly to the recipients's device.


SMTP - (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) This is the same Internet based protocol that is used for regular email.  Although most wireless carriers support this protocol, it shouldn't be your first choice.  Using SMTP can result in delays in delivery, and there is no confirmation that the carriers has even accepted the message.


SNPP - (Simple Network Paging Protocol) This is an excellent Internet based protocol.  It has all the advantages of TAP, but tends to be faster.


TAP - (Telocator Alphanumeric Protocol) The is probably the oldest, and most widely used modem based wireless messaging protocol.  Previous versions of TAP were named IXO and PET.  NotePager Pro supports all of these standards.


TONE - (Touch Tone) Although not really a protocol, touch tone delivery is still exclusively used for many numeric pagers.


UCP - (Universal Computer Protocol) A modem-based protocol that is used mostly in Europe.


WCTP (Wireless Communications Transfer Protocol) Another Internet based wireless messaging protocol.  It's not quite as widely accepted as SNPP.