Recipient List

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The 'Recipient List' listbox is displayed on the NotePager Pro's main screen.  It lists the recipients that can be chosen to send messages to.  Recipients are listed alphabetically by the recipient's full name.  Groups are listed before single recipients and are prefixed with a (G) label.  Recipients are moved from the 'Recipient List' to the 'Selected Recipients' list by clicking on the recipient's name.  You can also select recipients by typing the first few letters in their name and hitting <ENTER>.  This only works if the 'Recipient List' is the active control (has the focus).  Set the focus to the 'Recipient List' by clicking on the 'Recipient List' heading, or by hitting <Ctrl-R>. Once a recipient is selected, it is moved from the 'Recipient List' box to the 'Selected Recipients' box.


If you shift-click on a recipient or group, you can view more detailed information about that recipient or group (including members in the case of the group).


If you right-click in the recipient list, you can filter which recipients show up in the list.