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SMS and Text Messaging Software Background

Integration with LoriotPro

Steps to Use LoriotPro with PageGate

Send Text and SMS Messages from LoriotPro

LoriotPro can easily be integrated with PageGate via the command line integration with GetAscii.

First, you'll need to install PageGate

Then run the PageGate Admin for the first time:
1) Right click on the shortcut for PageGate Admin and select "Run as Administrator"

2) When prompted for the default locations, you can choose custom directories or leave them at their defaults.

3) In the 'Run on this server' section, you want the following items checked: Scheduler, GetAscii, Connector1
3a) If any other options are checked, uncheck them.

4) Click Apply and tell it yes, you would like to create each directory.

5) You should then receive a notification that the database has been created and PageGate must be restarted. Click OK.

You'll then need to create the directory for PageGate to monitor:
1) In Windows, browse in to the c:\PageGateData\ directory.

2) Create a new directory and name it: LoriotPro

Now we need to tell GetAscii that the c:\PageGateData\LoriotPro\ directory is its polling folder:
1) Right click on the shortcut for PG Admin, select "Run as Administrator"

2) Go to Interfaces - GetAscii - Settings

3) Set the "Polling Directory" to: c:\PageGateData\LoriotPro\

4) Check Enabled.

5) Click Apply.

6) Click 'Yes'.

You'll also need to configure recipients and groups PageGate for LoriotPro to reference. For more information, have a look at our overview of how

PageGate sends messages:

To create the triggered alerts in LoriotPro:

1) In LoriotPro, go to View - Events/Traps Filters

You can either add a new event filter or edit an existing event filter.

In this example, we're going to be editing Event 101: Host not responding to LoriotPro. This will tell LoriotPro that when an Event 101 is detected, it should send an SMS through PageGate.

2) Right click on "Event 101" and select "New Event Filter".

3) Enter the IP and Mask of the object to be monitored.

4) In "Action Type", select 'Start Windows Program'.

5) Browse in to GetAscii's polling directory (C:\PageGateData\LoriotPro\, by default) and select sendpage32.exe

6) Next to 'Action Parameters', click the 'Wizard' button.

PageGate's commandline executable requires the following parameters:
<GetAscii polling directory>\sendpage32.exe <recipient or group> <sender name> <message>

So, the first two parameters after sendpage32.exe must be entered before you can insert LoriotPro variables in to the message.

For example, let's say we have a group in PageGate called Alarms, that we want the message to say it is from LoriotPro and that the message should include the IP reference, IP source, a timestamp and the system generated message.

You would use this in the Custom String:
C:\PageGateData\ASCII\sendpage32.exe alarms LoriotPro %i %I %T %m

7) Click OK.

8) Then click OK again.

9) Configure any advanced filter parameters, then click OK.

Happy messaging!

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