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How to Integrate Kiwi Syslog with NotePager Pro

Integrating Kiwi Syslog with NotePager Pro

How to Integrate
Kiwi Syslog Daemon has built-in action called "Send message via NotePage Pro". This action will allow you to send a message to a pager or cell phone using NotePager Pro.

Kiwi Syslog with NotePager Pro

Action - Send pager or SMS message via NotePage Pro

When a message is passed to NotePage Pro, it places the messages in the sending queue. NotePage Pro will check the queue periodically and then send them via the method you have specified. This could be via SNPP, e-mail, modem, TAPI, or what ever paging interface you have configured.

By using the "" link, details from the Syslog message received and other Syslog statistics can be included in the pager message to be sent.

Send Page To:
Select a recipient from the drop down list. The list is automatically populated from the NotePage Pro Recipients and Groups database. If no names are available in the drop down list, then NotePage Pro has not been installed correctly. You can choose either a single recipient, or a group of recipients to send to. For example: Send to: Joe, or Send To: All-Network-Staff.

Message From:
This can be any descriptive name you like. If the recipient is configured in NotePage Pro to receive the message via e-mail, the From name you specify will be prepended to the default domain you have configured. For example, if NotePage Pro is configured with the default domain of "", when you send a message from "Syslog", it will appear as if the message came from ""

This is where you place any message text you want to have appear in the pager or SMS message. Normally this is set to %MsgText. This will be replaced by the message text from the original syslog message.

Other variables can be used in the message. Click on the "Insert message content or counter" hyperlink to display the popup menu of available variables. The Max message length option can be used to limit the amount of data sent in the message.

If you have used the variable %MsgText in the message body and a large syslog message arrives, it may be too large to send via a pager. You can limit the message body length to a more manageable length. If your pager is only capable of receiving numeric messages, you will need to specify a number in the message field instead of %MsgText. You will have to determine a series of codes that mean something to you. For example, 1=link up, 2=link down, 9=Router unreachable etc.

Test Button:
The Test button will send a test pager message to the recipient specified. The content of the test message can be modified by pressing the Test Setup button.

Insert message content or counterTo pass program variables, counters, script fields and statistics into the pager message, click on the link and choose an option from the popup menu. More details on the values can be found .

This option allows you to choose a variable from a popup menu. The variable is then replaced with the current value before the message is sent. For example %MsgText is replaced with the text of the current syslog message. Just position your cursor in the subject or message text lines and click the hyperlink. A popup menu will be displayed so you can choose the variable you want.

Example message field:
Message from Host %MsgHost at %MsgTime on %MsgDate Message: %MsgText

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