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How to Integrate IPCheck with PageGate

Steps to integrate IPCheck / PRTG with PageGate

Send Text and SMS Messages from IPCheck / PRTG

IPCheck can integrate with NotePage Inc.'s PageGate application to add the ability to send alerts to wireless messaging devices (pagers, mobile phones, pims, etc.).

Steps for integration:
1) Install IPCheck according to it's documentation.

2) Install and setup PageGate as instructed in PageGate's help documents.

3) Setup and enable PageGate's Commandline/Ascii interface.

4) In IPCheck, create a new or edit an existing monitor.

5) While editing the new/existing monitor, click on the alarm-clock icon next to the event you want to be notified about.

6) On the event manager screen choose 'Add' to create a new event.

7) Give the new event a name (i.e. sendpage-server down).

8) Choose 'Execute' as the event.

9) In the first edit box, enter the full path to PageGate's sendpage.exe program (i.e. if you setup PageGate's Commandline/Ascii interface to poll the 'c:\pages' directory, enter 'c:\pages\sendpage.exe' in this field).

10) In the second edit box, enter the commandline parameters necessary to send the message to PageGate. The syntax is as follows: {recipient} {sender} {message}. Please note: there must be a space between each parameter, and the '{}' should not be included. The {recipient} parameter should be replaced with an existing PageGate recipient's name. The {sender} parameter should be replaced with the name of the person/machine/company that is sending the message (no spaces). The {message} parameter should be replaced with the actual message (spaces are OK). It may be helpful to include some of IPCheck's parameters. Here is an example entry for this edit box: 'mypager system-monitor <#date> <#time> <#server> is down' (don't include the quotes). This would send a message the PageGate recipient named 'mypager' with a message like '01.01.2001 12:00:00 is down'. Keep in mind that due to DOS/Windows commandline limitations, the entire command (the length of both edit boxes added together) cannot exceed 128 characters.

11) Send a test message by hitting the 'Test' button on the event manager screen.

See Also the PRTG Integration Video Tutorial

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