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CA Unicenter Integration FAQ

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Integrating Computer Associates Unicenter with PageGate

Network Node Manager Installation

1. Install and configure Computer Associates Unicenter Network Node Manager. Refer to NNM's documentation for installation and configuration directions.
2. Install and configure PageGate. Refer to PageGate's help file for installation and configuration directions.
3. Enable PageGate's GetAscii interface and set a polling directory for its use. From the PG Admin program, choose 'Settings' from beneath the 'GetAscii' object, which is in turn found beneath the 'Interfaces' object. Enter or browse to a folder to use as a polling directory. Check the 'Enabled' checkbox. Apply your changes.
4. Install and configure PageGate's GUI Client. (If you want the option to manually send messages (pages) from Network Node Manager's console screen) Refer to PageGate's help file for installation and configuration directions.
5. Run PageGate for Computer Associates Unicenter's installation program: pg4hpov.exe
6. Follow the installation prompts.

PageGate Settings

GetAscii (Commandline/Ascii) Settings
PageGate's GetAscii (Commandline/Ascii) interface must be enabled for the integration of PageGate and Computer Associates Unicenter.

1. Run PageGate's Administration program (PG Admin)
2. Double-click on the 'Interfaces' object.
3. Double-click on the 'GetAscii' object.
4. Click on the 'Settings' object.
5. Type in a path for PageGate to use as a polling directory for this interface (or hit the '...' button to browse to an existing folder).
6. Check the 'Enabled' checkbox.
7. Click the 'Apply' button. Recipient/Group Settings

PageGate recipients and groups must have the Ascii service enabled in order to receive messages from Computer Associates Unicenter.
1. Add a new or edit an existing PageGate recipient or group.
2. On the recipient's or group's settings screen, check the 'Ascii' checkbox in the 'Enabled Services' section.
3. Click the 'Apply' button. GUI Client Settings

PageGate's GUI Client must be installed to send manual messages (pages) from the Network Node Manager console screen.
1. Run PageGate's installation program and choose to install the GUI Client.
2. Run the GUI Client program and enter the necessary initial settings.

To have Network Node Manager send a message to the PageGate server, the action of an event must be configured to send the message.
The event configuration screen can be accessed by choosing 'Options' and then 'Event Configuration' from NNM's console screen. Select an event from this screen and then choose the 'Actions' tab from the 'Modify Events' screen that appears. In the 'Command for Automatic Action' field, the following command syntax should be used to initiate a page: [getascii path] \\sendpage32

Please note that all back-slashes '\' should be replaced with a double-back-slash '\\' [getascii path] should be replaced with the full path to PageGate's GetAscii polling directory. [recipient] should be replaced with the name of a valid PageGate recipient. [sender] should be replaced with the name of who (or what) the message is being sent from. [message] should be replaced with the actual message that should be sent to the pager* *

Note: Network Node Manager uses variable substitution, which allows you to insert the value of some system properties into the message dynamically. The values contained in each variable may vary slightly with different kinds of events. Refer to the NNM documentation or trapd.conf file for more information.

Here are some of the system variables used in NNM:
$1 The ID of application sending the event
$2 The name of the node that caused the event
$3 The Computer Associates Unicenter object identifier of the node that caused the event
$4 The database name, if applicable
$5 A time stamp for when the event occurred
$6 Station ID
$7 Event correlation event UUID which identifies primary failure.

Here are some steps you can take if Network Node Manager is not sending pages:
1. Send a page from the PageGate Admin program. - right-click on the recipient in PG Admin and choose 'Send Message'
2. Send a page to PageGate's GetAscii interface from a command prompt (DOS prompt). - get out to a DOS prompt - change into the GetAscii polling directory - type sendpage fromme test from command prompt - replace above with a valid PageGate recipient
3. Check the Network Node Manager event error log to see if there was an error running the action command associated with the event. - open the file named 'ovactiond.log' in the OpenView\log directory - an entry with an exit value of 1 indicates a failure

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