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SMS and Text Messaging Software Background

How to Integrate with BMC Performance Manager

How to Use BMC Performance Manager with PageGate

Send Text and SMS Messages from BMC Performance Manager

PageGate can be easily integrated with BMC Performance Manager by using the GetAscii interface's command line integration. 

The first step is to create a directory for the command line executable to reside within. If PageGate is installed on the BMC Performance Manager system, we recommend creating c:\PageGateData\BMC\. 

If PageGate is installed on a separate system, this can be a directory that you've shared on the BMC system or it can be a directory you've shared on the PageGate server for BMC to reference. However, if GetAscii will be referencing a network resource, you will need to provide a service account to the GetAscii Windows service to allow it permission to access the network location.

Once you have the directory created and accessible from both the PageGate and BMC systems, here's what you'll need to do:

1) Open PG Admin.

2) Go to Interfaces - GetAscii - Settings.

3) Set the 'Polling Directory' to the directory you've just created and shared. By default, c:\PageGateData\BMC\

4) Check Enabled.

5) Click Apply.

6) When prompted, you do want this enabled for all recipients and groups.

7) Go to Program - Settings.

8) In 'Run on this Server', check GetAscii if it isn't already checked.

9) Click Apply
9a) When prompted for credentials, leave them blank and click Apply again.

Now that we have PageGate ready to accept alerts and notifications from BMC, you'll need to define the clients/systems to be monitored. Then you'll need to create a rule that references 'sendpage32.exe' in the GetAscii integration directory.

The full path to application should be:
<GetAscii Polling Directory\sendpage32.exe

For example, if you're using c:\PageGateData\BMC\, your full path would be:

As another example, if you're using \\PGServer01\PageGateData\BMC\, your full path would be:

The Command Line will need to be formatted as follows:
<GetAscii Polling Directory>\sendpage32.exe <recipient or group> <sender> <message, including BMC variables>

For example, let's say you have sendpage32.exe in c:\PageGateData\BMC\ and that you want to send a message to the IT_Alerts group from the sender BMC with the message "Warning: Issue detected, <AlertNameVariable> <ServerNameVariable>". You would use this Command Line:

c:\PageGateData\BMC\sendpage32.exe IT_Alerts BMC Warning: Issue detected, <AlertNameVariable> <ServerNameVariable>


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