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SMS and Text Messaging Software Background

Integration with Andover Controls

Integrating with Andover Controls with PageGate

Steps to Send Text and SMS Messages from Andover Controls

Follow these steps to use Andover Controls with PageGate

Andover Controls sends alerting information by serial line and PageGate can be easily integrated with Andover Controls by using the GetSerial module. The GetSerial module allows PageGate to monitor a serial port for incoming alerts from the I/NET system.

To configure Andover Controls to send the alerts, please reference the I/NET documentation here:

Once Andover Controls has been configured, here's how to configure PageGate to interpret that information:

1) Open the PG Admin.

2) Go to Interfaces - GetSerial - Settings.

3) Check Enabled.

4) Set the "Serial Port" field to match the COM port I/NET is feeding data in to.

5) Set the Baud Rate, Parity, Data Bits, Stop Bits and Handshaking to mirror the values of I/NET.

6) Leave the Init String field blank.

7) Click on Apply.

7a) If prompted, select Yes, you do want this to be enabled for all groups and recipients.

8) Go to Interfaces - GetSerial - Settings - Record.

9) Specify the following:
Start Pattern: START
Start Offset: 0

End Pattern: END
End Offset: 0

10) Click on Apply.

11) Go to Interfaces - GetSerial - Settings - Recipient.

12) Select "Static Recipient"

13) Select the recipient or group that should receive the alerts from I/NET.

14) Click on Apply.

15) Go to Interfaces - GetSerial - Settings - Sender.

16) Select "Static Sender"

17) In the "Sender" field, enter: INET

18) Click on Apply.

19) Go to Interfaces - GetSerial - Settings - Message.

20) Specify the following:
Start Pattern: START
Start Offset: 6

End Pattern: END
End Offset: -4

21) Click on Apply.

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