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Integration with AlertUs

Steps to Use AlertUs with PageGate

Send Text and SMS Messages from AlertUs

PageGate can be configured to receive input from AlertUs by use of SNPP Server API. Here's how to configure PageGate's SNPP server module to receive SNPP traffic from AlertUs:

1) Create the directory: C:\PageGateData\SNPP\

2) In Windows, browse in to the PageGate installation directory.

3) Move the snppserver.exe, pininfo.txt and snpp.ini files from the PageGate program directory to the c:\PageGateData\SNPP\ folder.

4) The first thing we'll need to do is modify the snpp.ini file. Open the file in notepad.

To give you a little more information, this .ini file controls the behavior of the PageGate SNPP Server. If you are running the evaluation version of the PageGate SNPP Server, then it will stop itself every 3-5 days, and/or after 500 messages, whichever comes first.

5) Change the OutputFolder= value to c:\PageGateData\SNPP\

6) Change the LogFolder= value to c:\PageGateData\Logs\

7) Save the snpp.ini file and close notepad.

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