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About NotePage, Inc. About NotePage, Inc.

Company Background

integration NotePage, Inc. was founded in 1996 in South Eastern Massachusetts, located in a suburb south of Boston. NotePage has been the leading provider of text and SMS messaging software solutions for over 20 years.  NotePage's software is currently used in more than 100 countries, serving thousands of customers, and benefitting millions of individuals in the global marketplace.

integration NotePage, Inc. is an innovative company that has evolved over the years providing customers not only exceptional customer service but innovative communication and technical solutions, that solve every day problems, saving both time and money. NotePage, Inc. staffs technicians and developers with a high level of expertise in both the computer and the communications industries. Over the years, NotePage's software has been recognized as the industry's best, winning a number of awards and accolades. 

Product Lines

integration The NotePage product line focusses on text messaging and wireless communications, and includes: NotePager Pro and PageGate.


integration NotePage sells to a wide spectrum of customers (view a sample list of NotePage's customers). NotePage's software is primarily used by businesses, and is quite popular in a number of niche industries including: Educational Institutions, Government Agencies, Law Enforcement and Public Safety, Utilities, Service Organizations, Answering Services, Telecom Carriers, Financial Insitutions, Health Care Facilities, Hospitality Industry and many, many more.

integration NotePage, Inc. frequently works with other software companies to integrate communications and text messaging capabilities into existing software applications and hardware solutions. The integration typically expands the functionality and capabilities of the existing software or hardware. Rarely are any coding changes required to integrate NotePage's software making it an easy choice for partners. NotePage's software integration is common with all types of monitoring applications, computer aided dispatch solutions, alarm systems, building control applications, aggregators, and many others.

integration NotePage, Inc. welcomes inquiries and orders from all over the world.

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