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White Papers and Customer ProfilesYork County Emergency Management White Paper

Company Name: York County Maine

Business Description:
The York County Emergency Management Agency is a department of the government of York County, Maine. Their primary focus is to provide planning, preperation for, and provide assistance to communities with disasters of all kinds.

White Paper/Customer Quote:"The Notepage software is actually run on servers operated by the York County Communications Center, the regional 9-1-1 center for York County, Maine. I am the technician charged with operating the servers."

"We changed from older network paging software to Notepage after our previous software was discontinued. After reviewing available software, there were very few to choose from the offered network-based paging capability without the need to install client software. This feature was what sold me on Notepage. I wanted to incorporate the paging function in a browser based intranet that required no special software installation on workstations. We use the Webpage function in combination with our intranet server to allow paging from any authorized user on our computer network, including our mobile data users. Instead of anyone who needs a page sent having to call our 9-1-1 dispatchers, they can send the page themselves. This helps reduce the demands on our dispatchers so they can do a better job taking care of emergency calls and radio traffic."

We currently have 224 recipients in our system. They vary from our own administrative personnel to our local Emergency Mangement Agency directors. One of the primary functions of the paging system is to "FAN OUT" emergency messages about severe weather or other threats to our local directors and a large number of other people quickly. The alphanumeric pages supplement the voice broadcasts we do and help get the message out quickly and accurately. In the future we hope to use some of the other modules such as the "GetASCII" and "GetEMAIL" functions to help automate stauts updates about our various systems and infastructure, and are working on an arragement with one of our paging carriers to have a direct serial connection to their paging que. This connection would help ensure the our pages get to their network even in the event of a public infastructure failure that woult take the internet and telephone connections down."
Ben Gore, Technician
York County Communications Alfred, Maine USA


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