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White Papers and Customer Profiles Stearns County Sheriff's Office

Company Name: Stearns County Sheriff's Office
Industry: Municipality / Law Enforcement

Business Description:

Stearns County is home to 30 cities and 34 townships in Minnesota. The Stearns County Sheriffs Dispatch Center dispatches to all the communities in the county.

How is PageGate Used By Stearns County Sheriff's Office?
Stearns County Sheriff's 911 Dispatch Center uses PageGate to dispatch and page all Police, Fire and EMS in the county. PageGate pulls the information and data out of the Stearns County Sheriff's CAD system that information is presented as a text message to first responder's devices.

The information sent from PageGate is linked to a mapping process through a 3rd party application. This makes it very easy for first responders to locate the address. In most cases they do not require additional assistance finding locations or addresses, this saves precious time.

Customer Quote/Comments:
"We have been using PageGate for nearly a year now and have had ZERO issues with its functionality. It has not gone down even one time during the time we have been using it."
Robert Dickhaus
Stearns County Sheriff's Offce

Stearns County Sheriff's Office PDF Case Study


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