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White Papers and Customer ProfilesSantee Cooper

Company Name: Santee Cooper
Industry: Utility

Business Description:
Santee Cooper is a state owned power and water utility in South Carolina. Santee Cooper is South Carolina's largest power producer and its first to produce renewable Green Power.

How is PageGate Used By Santee Cooper?
Many Santee Cooper staff started out with pagers but most have migrated to cell phones. With PageGate, it is device agnostic, it does not matter what type of device staff members have, messages are still reliably sent. Santee Cooper primarily uses PageGate for management systems to send critical alerts to the staff, but they also use it to send messages to remote staff in the field.

Santee Cooper also use PageGate from their Outlook client. Santee Cooper runs a second PageGate server at our DR site that uses PageGate's built in replication. Both systems are always active and can function standalone if either site is isolated and this requires no interaction from any user.

Santee Cooper syncs PageGate with their company phone book to ensure numbers,names,etc. are correct. They have also created a script that creates and updates to PageGate groups based on the staff member's location or department.

Customer Quote/Comments:
"We love the simple to use configuration, extensive logging, replication capabilities, and MS Access DB that is open for us to read and write to. As for the support side, we have only had a couple of support incidents and they were resolved quickly."

"We can rest assured that any message gets delivered by PageGate. If not, PageGate has extensive logs and we can determine why it wasn't delivered which is usually a carrier issue."
Kent Wicker
Santee Cooper

Santee Cooper PDF Case Study


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