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White Papers and Customer ProfilesQ-Tech Communications Company

Company Name: Q-Tech Communications, inc.
Industry: Manufacturing / Construction / Corporate

Business Description:
Q-Tech Communications, Inc., is a technology outsourcing service provider, focused on the financial industry. Q-Tech’s suite of services include network design and implementation, Data Center design and construction, managed hosting solutions and support, as well as customized Disaster Recovery facilities.

Q-Tech offers 24 x 7 facilities, access, and support for mission critical applications and services for customer’s primary locations as well as remote offices. Q-Tech provides an integrated set of services that deliver a powerful combination of scalability, reliability and cost savings for mission critical data applications.

How is PageGate Used By Q-Tech Communications Company?
Some of Q-Tech Communication's alarm systems have legacy communication notifications systems. These systems cannot email or text information. The alarm panels now dials into a modem attached to the PageGate server. With the TAP interface PageGate receives the message and sends out a text message through email and through a cellular modem to all the designated recipients. By receiving both a text and an email for each alarm triggered, it provides redundant notifications and indirectly lets Q-Tech know if they have any issues with either the SMTP server or the cellular modem.

Allowing PageGate to handle the incoming alarm panel notifications, Q-Tech can notify personnel faster and better. Allowing the notifications to go to a distribution list of recipients QTech can simultaneously have several individiuals notified. 

Customer Quote/Comments:
"We have been using PageGate well over 15 years. Once all set up, it just works."
Penny Pflagler
Q-Tech Communications

Q-Tech Communications Company PDF Case Study


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