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White Papers and Customer ProfilesPittsylvania County Emergency Management

Company Name: Pittsylvania County Emergency Management
Industry: Public Safety

Business Description:

Pittsylvania County is the largest county in the State of Virginia, covering almost 1,000 square miles. Pittsylvania County Emergency Management provides many services to the 61,000 plus citizens of the county including E-911 and the dispatching of fire, rescue, and police and other services to emergencies around the clock.

How is PageGate Used By Pittsylvania County Emergency Management?
Pittsylvania County Emergency Management uses use Superion OneSolution CAD and their paging module which accesses PageGate. Pittsylvania County Emergency Management sends out automatic text notifications to fire, rescue, and police. The automatic paging makes everything easier. It would be impossible to manually send out all of those notifications.

Customer Quote/Comments:
"We use PageGate daily. We have never had any issues with PageGate to my knowledge, and any time we have ever called in with a question we always get a very quick response."
Daniel Kendrick
Pittsylvania County Emergency Management

Pittsylvania County Emergency Management PDF Case Study


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