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White Papers and Customer ProfilesMorgan County 911

Company Name: Morgan County 911
Industry: Public Safety

Business Description:

Morgan County 911 is located in South Decatur, Alabama. Morgan County 911 is a 911 center that dispatches for 5 Police Departments, 2 Ambulance Providers and 24 Fire Departments.

How is PageGate Used By Morgan County 911?
Pagegate receives message for Morgan County 911's Computer Aided Dispatch System. Within Pagegate Morgan County has numerous groups defined based on the types of notifications that they need to send. Morgan County 911 sends automated text message notifications to Fire and EMS personnel for calls for service. Morgan County 911 also sends automated text message alerts to school resource officers, school administrators, and police supervisors when certain event types of events are dispatched at schools. 

For Fire and EMS, the text messages from PageGate are a secondary notification for a call for service. Because the responders receive the dispatch via text in addition to voice dispatch, responders are less likely to ask the dispatcher to repeat the address and as a result, radio traffic is reduced. 

Customer Quote/Comments:
"By sending text messages to school resource officers, police supervisors, and school administrators automatically, the workload is reduced for the dispatchers because they are not having to make numerous telephone calls to make notifications of the event."
Jamey Wright
Morgan County 911

Morgan County 911 PDF Case Study


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