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White Papers and Customer ProfilesINOVA Federal Credit Union

Company Name: INOVA Federal Credit Union
Industry: Bank / Financial

Business Description:

The INOVA Federal Credit Union is a credit union. INOVA Federal Credit Union offers deposit accounts, credit cards, loans and mortgages. 

How is PageGate Used By INOVA Federal Credit Union?
INOVA Federal Credit Union.uses PageGate to communicate job statuses from their core system to operators when they run batch processing.

This makes INOVA Federal Credit Unions day to day business operations smoother because they don't have to dedicate resources to literally sit and watch batch processing. The get notifications on certain job completions, which gives them peace of mind that operations are running as they should. They also get notifications on job failures, which allows them to then address those issues as soon as they happen.

Customer Quote/Comments:
"PageGate has made our lives much more worry-free. We like the fact that it is flexible enough whereby we can receive notifications either through email and/or text message."
Rodney Maurice
INOVA Federal Credit Union

INOVA Federal Credit Union PDF Case Study


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