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White Papers and Customer ProfilesGreenville Utiliites

Company Name: Greenville Utiliites
Industry: Utilities

Business Description:

Greenville Utiliites is a local government owner utility that provides electric, water, sewer, and natural gas services for the citizen of Greenville, NC and the surrounding area. 

How is PageGate Used By Greenville Utilities?
PageGate is is used for sending ad-hoc text notifications to individuals or groups of employees, especially field personnel. The Greenville Utilities 24 hour control center uses PageGate on a daily basis for these type of tasks:

(1) text an address to a field worker for where he needs to report, and then they use a Map App to get directions to the address.
(2) Emergency Utility Location requests are sent in mass to all locators.
(3) Safety alerts (road closures, weather alerts, etc.) are sent to all employees. (4) Send texts to standby personnel who do not have a company issued smart phone. 

Customer Quote/Comments:
"PageGate facilitates communication with field personnel. It is more efficient for an employee to get an address via text that they can then use a map app to get directions to than to try to tell them how to get them over the radio verbally. It is more efficient to blast road closures and weather updates to everyone quickly when needed; there is no other way to make that happen efficiently."
Tony Godwin
Greenville Utiliites

Greenville Utilities PDF Case Study


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