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White Papers and Customer Profiles County of Davie

Company Name: Davie County
Industry: Municipality / Law Enforcement

Business Description:

The County of Davie has an estimated population of 41,000. The County of Davie is located in North Carolina.

How is PageGate Used By The County of Davie?
PageGate is used by the County of Davie to manage 911 computer-aided dispatch messaging to emergency service agencies including fire, EMS, and law enforcement as well as other non-emergency agencies which need SMS message notifications.

With PageGate the entire notification process is very simple and automated by allowing the message recipient to be added to the call and sending location and other details relevant to their response.

Customer Quote/Comments:
"PageGate saves a significant amount of time and quickly distributes important call location information to group sizes from single recipients to multiple agencies."

"We are very pleased with PageGate and NotePage support. Working in the information technology field in support of emergency responders and 911 Communications means that we appreciate mission-critical software applications that simply work, all the time. I have used and administered PageGate for our organization for over 10 years and it does the job very well and is very affordable. I highly recommend the product."
John Gallimore
County of Davie

The County of Davie PDF Case Study


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