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White Papers and Customer Profiles Commercial Radio Service, Inc.

Company Name: Commercial Radio Service, Inc.
Industry: Telecom / Communications

Business Description:

Commercial Radio Service Inc. has been a leading provider of critical communications solutions in the Midwest for over forty years. Commercial Radio Service, Inc offers 24/7/365 emergency service.

How is PageGate Used By The Commercial Radio Service?
Commercial Radio Service helps deploy and support PageGate for the E911 dispatch centers that they service.

Commercial Radio Service uses PageGate as the interface between their emergency service customers CAD system and services like Active911 etc....

Customer Quote/Comments:
"SMS paging and paging over the internet are a great supplement to conventional two-tone paging systems. I don't think that two-tone paging is going away anytime soon, but it's always great to have more than one way to do something when providing emergency services."

"The support is excellent. It means a lot to know that someone is there to answer any questions and help us troubleshoot any issues that we have with a critical system. Our experience with NotePage support has been excellent all around."
Aaron C Doty
Commercial Radio Service, Inc.

Commercial Radio Service, Inc. PDF Case Study


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