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White Papers and Customer ProfilesColumbia County Sheriff's Office

Company Name: Columbia County Sheriff's Office
Industry: Law Enforcement / Public Safety

Business Description:

Columbia County Sheriff's Office is a Government agency located in Appling, Georgia. Columbia County Sheriff's Office has over 400 employees handling approximately 1000 events per day (not including the day to day records and jail operations).

How is PageGate Used By Columbia County Sheriff's Office?
Columbia County Sheriff's Office.accesses Pagegate through an interface in their CAD system. Employees that do not have direct access to the CAD system access PageGate using the Windows Client.

Customer Quote/Comments:
"An easily interfaced with access allows our CAD to be able to page groups or individuals easily without having to change to another application and decrease response time. Having the system based off a single database allow easy modifications without having to push information to the clients. All changes are updated automatically without the need to update our clients."

"The client interface is intuitive and easy to use. It only take a minute to show someone how to use it and they are able to page with ease."
Adam Hamilton
Columbia County Sheriff's Office

Columbia County Sheriff's Office PDF Case Study


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