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White Papers and Customer ProfilesCity of Indianapolis

Company Name: City of Indianapolis
Industry: Public Safety / Law Enforcement

Business Description:

Indianapolis is the twelfth largest city in the United States. The City of Indianapolis handles police, fire, ems communications for Marion county and CAD for Hendricks county in Indiana.

How is PageGate Used By City of Indianapolis?
PageGate is interfaced with the City of Indianapolis' Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) to send automatic run information or manual messages to Police, Fire, and EMS users. It also receives automated error messages from the radio system and sends to technician's in the field. If an Officer is out of his car the computer in the car CAD will forward Want, Warrant, or plate information to cells using PageGate.

Firemen have address and run information on their mobile phones automatically. If they don't know exactly how to get to the location they click the address on the phone will bring up directions. They also use information to get accurate time in reports.

Police can run warrants or plate information and if system is slow exit car and if a hit comes back indicating person is wanted or plate information will go to phone so they don't need to return to car to see it. The radio system can send alerts to a technician directly and if it is something major they can be in route to repair before a ticket is even submitted. 

Customer Quote/Comments:
"PageGate has been a great asset to public safety for a number of years now Last year we sent 3.6 million pages using PageGate it gets messages out quickly and reliably. Support is quick to answer when problems occur."
Bob Young
City of Indianapolis

City of Indianapolis PDF Case Study


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