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White Papers and Customer Profiles Wellman, Inc. White Paper

Company Name: Wellman, Inc.

Business Description:
Wellman Inc. is a fortune 1000 company that produces fibers, plastic packaging and engineered resins made from both virgin and recycled raw materials. Wellman is also one of the world's largest recyclers of plastics, with the capacity to reclaim almost 3 billion PET bottles and containers annually, around the globe. Wellman has facilities in the US, Ireland, the Netherlands and France.

White Paper:"I am the Senior Telecommunications Analyst and my prmiary job is to manage Wellman's data network. We use HP's Network Node Manager to get a bird's eye view of our frame relay network and a few other devices.Being notified whenever there are problems with devices or links is very important to responding quickly and keeping critical applications up and running. We have integrated Pagegate into NNM for critical paging. We purchased the CLI interface as well as a couple of others just in case the need arises. We are able to minimize downtime whenever there are issues with connectivity or critical devices. We are able to keep a record as to when the problem happens and when the problem is resolved. We can make sure that our service providers are giving us what we pay for by setting up pages on different thresholds."

Customer Quote: " We did have a competitors product doing our paging. Price and functionlity were 2 of my largest concerns. I did a broad search on the phrase "NNM integration" and came upon Notepage's website. I demoed the product and found that it was very simple to use and setup, also the price was right down our alley. Thanks for making a product that is more affordable"
Sam.Swaringen, Senior Telecommunications Analyst Wellman, Inc.


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