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How to Run PageGate as a Service Video Tutorial

How to Run PageGate as a Service

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How to Run PageGate as a Service Transcript for Video:
Welcome to the video tutorial on how to run PageGate version 10 as a Windows Service. In this tutorial, we'll be going over PageGate's run styles and how to use them.

First, right click on the shortcut for PG Admin and select 'Run as Administrator'. Modifying the run style requires UAC elevation.

Here in the Admin, go to Program - Settings.

In the middle section, we have three run styles: Application, Windows Service and PG Service.

You'll definitely want to run PageGate as one of the two service types.

When PageGate is running as an application, it's logon dependent and that means someone would need to stay logged into the server to keep PageGate running. Alternately, when you run PageGate as a Windows service, it's not logon dependent and will automatically restart itself if you reboot the server.

The 'Windows Service' run style creates a separate service for each component of the program. When using the GetAscii and GetWeb interfaces, for example, this makes it easier to assign service accounts directly to the relevant portino of PageGate rather than the entire application using the service account. The service named 'PageGate' is the master service and controls the behavior of all other PageGate related services.

The 'PG Service' run style creates a single, master PageGate service which everything operates under. This is useful on servers that already host a large number of services as this can reduce PageGate's overall service memory footprint.

After selecting your preferred run style, click Apply.

It's going to prompt you for credentials and you have two options. If you already know the specific service account PageGate needs to operate under, enter that information and click Apply.

However, you can leave the credentials blank to have PageGate create and use the services under the Windows System account and apply the service account information to the related services.

When you click Apply, you'll then beinformed that it's verifying the account information, updating the service list and switching the run style.

Once 'Switching Run Styles' goes away, right click on the top 'PageGate' object and select 'Start server'.

This concludes the video tutorial on how to switch PageGate's run style from an Application to a Windows service.

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