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How to Register PageGate Video Tutorial

How to Register PageGate

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How to Register PageGate Transcript for Video:
Welcome to the tutorial on how to register PageGate.

The first step is to run the PageGate Admin.

Find the shortcut for the PageGate Admin, right click on it and select ‘Run as Administrator’.

If prompted by the UAC, please allow the process to continue.

Once the admin opens, click on the Registration section.

The registration information must be typed exactly as it was sent to you. It is both punctuation and case sensitive.

The easiest way to register PageGate is to go into your email, highlight the entire contents of the registration email that you were sent, hit Ctrl+C on your keyboard or go to Edit - Paste in your email program.

Then come back in to the PageGate Admin and left click on the Paste Registration from Clipboard option. This will automatically fill in the information for you.

The information I’m about to enter in is a 30 day demonstration key code for PageGate. This key will unlock every feature of the program for up to 5000 recipients for 30 days, after which the program will revert to its limited trial mode.

The information in every field listed here is both case and punctuation sensitive, to be sure that what you enter exactly matches the corresponding field in the registration key.

If you have made a typo or mistake in the key, you'll receive this box notifying you that the registration was not successful.

If you've entered the information correctly... it will say registration successful.

Once the program is registered, click OK, then click Close.

This concludes the tutorial on how to register PageGate. For more tutorials, including how to register PageGate, please visit our website,

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