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How to Configure Preset Messages in PageGate Video Tutorial

How to Configure Preset Messages in the PageGate GUI / Windows Client

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How to Configure Preset Messages in the PageGate GUI (Windows) Client Transcript for Video:
Welcome to the video tutorial on the preset messages function of the PageGate Client. In this tutorial, we’ll be going over what preset messages are and how to configure them in PageGate’s GUI Client.

Before we begin, you’ll first need to install and configure the PageGate Client. For more information on how to do that, have a look at the other PageGate Client video tutorials on our website. After installing and configuring the program, you’ll be able to configure and use preset messages.

A preset message is simply a message you’ve preconfigured in the program. Here in the GUI Client’s interface, you’ll notice these buttons along the bottom. The first five buttons are your easy-access preset messages and the More button expands the full list of available presets.

To modify one of the easy-access presets, right click on the button associated with it. When you do, it will bring up this dialog.

Button Text controls the text displayed on the button in the interface. The ‘Recipient’ section allows you to pre-select a recipient or group this message should go to.

The ‘Message’ section is where you enter the message to be delivered.

For example, let’s say that we knew we were going to have to send the message “Truck NUMBER should be there by TIME”. If we enter that in the message section, then click apply, every time we click this button, it will insert the text, which can make sending messages incredibly easy.

So, you have the five easy-access buttons but you can also configure many more presets by clicking the More button.

Each preset listed can be edited by selecting the line and clicking on Edit. You can then specify a description, percipient or group and preset message.

To select a preset message to send, double click on the line you want to select.
There is also a special feature of the GUI Client that can be used with preset messages; Presets Prompting.

To use this feature, you must first configure a set of preset messages in the Client that are tied to a specific recipient or group. Next, go to File – Setup and select ‘Display Options’. Check ‘Presets Prompting’, click Apply, and then click apply again.

With this option enabled, if you click on the name of a recipient or group with preset messages associated with them, the Client will bring up a list all preset messages available for that recipient or group. This can allow users to quickly choose from commonly used messages.

This concludes the tutorial on how to use preset messages in PageGate’s GUI Client.

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