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How to Use Cellular Router for Delivery Video Tutorial

How to Use Cellular Router for Delivery

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How to Configure a Cellular Router for Delivery Transcript for Video:
Welcome to the video tutorial on how to use a cellular router or gateway to send SMS messages with PageGate. In this tutorial, we'll be going over how to configure PageGate to send an SMS through a cellular router or gateway that accepts messages by TCP to its IP.

There are many different makes and models of cellular routers and gateways. Manufacturers include Multitech and Airlink, just to name a few, and there are dozens and dozens of models you could use.

However, there are really only two things that matter.

First, the device needs accept TCP connections to its IP. For example, you can configure a Multitech rCell 100 cellular gateway to accept SMS command connections on port 5000.

Second, the device needs to support the AT command set. There are several different sub-sets the device could use. For example, Multitech devices use AT+CMGF=1 for SMS delivery while Airlink’s devices use AT*SMSM2M. PageGate supports most command sets automatically, and can be manually configured for command sets it isn’t preconfigured for. So, the specific AT commands don’t matter as much as whether or not the device can accept AT commands.

As long as both of these things are true, you should be able to use that cellular router or gateway with PageGate.

Once you have the cellular router or gateway’s IP address and port to connect to, here's how to configure it in PageGate.

Open the PageGate Admin.

First, we’ll need to add the carrier. To do so, right click Carriers and select 'Add'.

Give the carrier a name.

Set the protocol to: GSM-AT-IP

Set the Host to the cellular router or gateway’s IP address.

Set the Port field to the port required by the cellular router or gateway.

With regards to the 'Init String' field, cellular routers and gateways don't use the extended AT command set and certainly don't need an initialization string to properly engage their processes. Typically speaking, you can leave this field blank.

However, if your cellular router or gateway supports it, the command AT+CSQ will check the signal quality of your cellular modem's carrier network connection. If we put AT+CSQ in the 'Init String' field, that will give you a record the signal strength on the device before it sends your messages.

Set the Max Chars field to: 160

Click Apply.

This concludes the video tutorial on how to use a cellular modem to send text messages with PageGate.

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