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How to Use Cellular Modem for Delivery Video Tutorial

How to Use Cellular Modem for Delivery

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How to Configure a Cellular Modem for Delivery Transcript for Video:
Welcome to the video tutorial on how to use a cellular modem to send SMS messages with PageGate. In this tutorial, we'll be going over how to configure PageGate to use a cellular modem connected by serial, USB or with a COM port virtualizer to send text messages.

There are many different makes and models of cellular modem. There are those made by Multitech, Airlink and Huawei (pronounce: wah-way), just to name a scant few, and there are dozens and dozens of models you could use. There are really only two things that matter.

First, the device needs to provide a COM port in the operating system. Second, the device needs to support the AT command set to deliver messages. As long as both of these things are true, you should be able to use that cellular modem with PageGate.

Once you have the device connected and its driver installed in Windows, here's how to configure it in PageGate.

First, we'll need to configure the carrier.

So, open the PageGate Admin.

Next, right click Carriers and select 'Add'.

Give the carrier a name.

Set the protocol to: GSM-AT

Unless your specific device has other requirements, set the Baud Rate to 115200, set the parity to None, set the Data Bits to 7 and set the Stop Bits to 1.

With regards to the 'Init String' field, cellular modems don't use the extended AT command set and certainly don't need an initialization string to properly engage their processes. However, the command AT+CSQ will check the signal quality of your cellular modem's carrier network connection. If we put AT+CSQ in the 'Init String' field, that will give us a record of what the signal strength is before each message delivery sequence.

Set the Max Chars field to: 160

Click Apply.

Next, we'll need to tell PageGate what COM port the modem resides on. To do that, go to the Connectors - Connector 1 - Settings section.

Once there, set the 'Serial Port' field to match the COM port of your cellular modem, then click Apply.

Once you have the carrier configured and the COM port declared, you can now add recipients to be messaged with this method of delivery.

This concludes the video tutorial on how to use a cellular modem to send text messages with PageGate.

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