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Verizon Discontinuing TAP Did You Know PageGate...

Did You Know Verizon is Discontinuing TAP EFfective 2/2/2015?

Verizon is discontinuing support for its TAP service effective 2/2/2015. If you have the Verizon TAP system configured in NotePager Pro or PageGate, this configuration will no longer function.

To quote Verizon's support page: "Beginning 01/31/2015 we will no longer offer support for TAP (Telelocator Alphanumeric Protocol). If you are using a modem-based 1-800 TAP service to send text messages through our network, contact your business sales team for support."

If you or your organization are not part of an Emergency Management Service, unfortunately, this only leaves SMTP as a viable protocol for delivering messages to Verizon cell phones and you will need to update your configuration from TAP to SMTP. If you or your organization are part of an Emergency Management Service, you can register on the Verizon Enterprise Messaging Access Gateway (EMAG, for short) by contacting your organization, city, county, state or regional Verizon Representative and requesting their assistance to register. Once the registration is complete, this will provide you with access to use SNPP, WCTP or SMTP to deliver your messages.

EMAG Application

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