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Top Carrier Settings for Sending Messages


Verizon (for non-Emergency Management Offices)

Protocol: SMTP Recipient
Address: 10digitcel@vtext.com

Protocol: TAP
Phone Number: 1-866-823-0501

Verizon (for Emergency Management Offices)
Note: You MUST register with the Verizon EMAG to use this host.

Protocol: SNPP
Host: snpp.emag.vzw.com
Note: Requires registration. See: https://ess.emag.vzw.com/emag/login

Protocol: WCTP
Host: vzemag.biz/wctp/wctp Credentials will be assigned by Verizon upon EMAG registration.

Sprint and Nextel

Note: You MUST register with the Spring EPG by sending a registration request to EnterpriseMessagingGateway@sprint.com

Protocol: SNPP
Host: snpp.messaging.sprint.com Credentials will be assigned during the registration process.

Protocol: SMTP Recipient
Address: 10digitcel@messaging.sprint.com

Protocol: TAP
Phone Number: 1-888-656-1727


Protocol: SMTP
Recipient Address: 10digitctel@txt.att.net

Protocol: TAP
Phone Number: 1-800-909-4602

Note: This host can only message phones that have been registered with the AT&T Enterprise Paging Network
Protocol: SNPP
Host: snpp.att.net


Protocol: SMTP
Recipient Address: 10digitcel@tmomail.net

US Cellular

Protocol: SMTP
Recipient Address: 10digitcel@email.uscc.net

USA Mobility AKA Arch AKA Metrocall

Protocol: SNPP
Host: snpp.usamobility.net

Protocol: TAP
Phone Number: 1-800-917-1168

American Messaging

Protocol: SNPP
Host: amsmsg.net

Protocol: TAP
Phone Number: http://www.americanmessaging.net/modem.asp


Protocol: SNPP
Host: snpp.rogerstwoway.com

Protocol: SMTP
Recipient Address: 10digitcel@pcs.rogers.com


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