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White Papers SyncroSERV White Paper

Company Name: SynchroSERV

Business Description:
SynchroSERV is an out-source contact center focused exclusively on the Real Estate industry. The primary role of SynchroSERV is to manage tenant requests on behalf of landlords. The re-brandable contact center is driven off of a proprietary hardware/software platform that has a unique ability to allow landlords to retain control of service standards while outsourcing the work load of handling routine tenant requests. When a landlord out-sources their tenant service management to SynchroSERV all tenant initiated contacts (phone/web/e-mail) are intercepted by SynchroSERV and acting under the landlords brand the tenant requests are managed from beginning to end. SynchroSERV services include tracking of requests, real time delivery to the landlords chosen service provider, monitoring provider performance according to the landlords service standards for completion and notifying the landlord of service delivery exceptions according to the landlord's instructions.

White Paper: When a request comes in to SynchroSERV (tens of thousands of times per year) a formal service request is created. This service request may itself have many Work Orders. The SynchroSERV software allows a landlord to specify which service provider (and even which technician) to use for a given service for a given tenant at a given time of day. The system also allows every provider (and technician) to specify their preferred method of contact (PMOC). SynchroSERV uses PageGate to send Work Orders to those providers who have chosen paging as their PMOC. PageGate allows them to deliver the Work Order as close to real-time as possible.

Customer Quote: "Tenant calls come first and we can't afford to have an agent standing at a fax machine (nor can we afford for a message to get dropped mid process). Our entire system is built around automating back-end processes so that agents, our most valuable resource, are able to focus on interacting with tenants. Having a backend paging solution that we can trust is critical to delivering the level of service that we commit to."
John McDonald, SynchroSERV


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