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Registering NotePager Pro

In order to use NotePager Pro beyond the evaluation version you will need to register.

After NotePage receives payment, a registration key will be emailed to the purchaser, the registration key will turn the evaluation version into a fully registered licensed version.



Secure Online Ordering -click the secure online ordering button to order online using a credit card.

Print Order Form - clicking the "Print Order Form" button will print a form, that can be mailed with a check, credit information or faxed in to NotePage.

Enter Registration

Info - Once you receive your registration information via email from NotePage you will need to type the registration information into NotePager Pro. Click the "Enter Registration Info" button in order to begin the process.

Within 24 hours of placing an order with NotePage you will receive a registration key from NotePage, Inc.

All of the information in the registration key including your name and company name must be typed in, *exactly* as it appears in the key you are emailed. It is both case and punctuation sensitive, the software will not register if you have any typos


After typing in the registration information, click the "Apply" button. The version, serial number and user information will automatically be generated.

Thank you for registering !




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